Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Most Bad Ass Alphabet

Every wanted to see the most awesome alphabet, well this website can show you some pretty bad ass letters.

The rest of the letter and the source -

Friday, October 1, 2010

Video Game Theme Songs

Similar to my last post I have found a website which has a very long list of theme songs from video games. Ranging from Ace Combat to Pokemon to Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. 

Hopefully you will enjoy this site as much as I do -

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loading Screens

Have you ever had the sudden urge to look at loading screens from all over the internet or even from video games, well neither have I. But just in case you ever get the urge here is a link to a site that randomly shows you loading screens.

Lawyer Husband Joke

A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husbands. 

On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin." 

"What?" said the puzzled groom. 

"How can that be if you've been married ten times?" 

"Well, Husband #1 was a sales representative: he kept telling me how great it was going to be. 

Husband #2 was in software services: he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me. 

Husband #3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up. 

Husband #4 was in telemarketing: even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver. 

Husband #5 was an engineer: he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method. 

Husband #6 was from finance and administration: he thought he knew how, but he wasn't sure whether it was his job or not. 

Husband #7 was in marketing: although he had a nice product, he was never sure how to position it. 

Husband #8 was a psychologist: all he ever did was talk about it. 

Husband #9 was a gynecologist: all he did was look at it. 

Husband #10 was a stamp collector: all he ever did was... God! I miss him! But now that I've married you, I'm really excited!" 

"Good," said the new husband, "but, why?" 
"You're a lawyer. This time I know I'm gonna get screwed!"

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wrist Computers in the near future, I think so!

Our present need for internet connectivity is so profound that secondary devices like the Nextep Computer are bound to happen. Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible. Ten years from now is not too far away, so how many of you think we’d be buying such gadgets?

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The Infallible Seducer

Here’s a foolproof way to get anyone to sleep with you. Ask:
  1. Will you answer this question in the same way that you will answer the next?
  2. Will you sleep with me?
“If she keeps her word,” writes Richard Mark Sainsbury, “she must answer Yes to the second question, whatever she has answered to the first.”

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Four Chord Song

Some of you may have heard of the Four Chord song by a group known as Axis of Awesome. For those who don't this song is basically telling you that almost every pop song ever made use the exact same 4 chords. 

Wanna hear the song go here -